Course Description

Time:    Tues. and Thurs. 5
:00pm - 6:20pm

Room:  Jacobs Hall, Room 2512, Henry G. Booker Conference Suite



Teams of students work to design, build, demonstrate, and document engineering projects. All students give weekly progress reports of their tasks and contribute a section to the final project report. Two hours of discussion, eight hours of laboratory.

Prerequisites:  Completion of all of the breadth courses and one depth course.


Dr. Charles Tu       Office: Jacobs Hall 4408      Phone:  858-534-4687 

Dr. Pankaj K. Das   Office: Jacobs Hall   3803       Phone: 858-822-0114

Administrative Assistant: 

Julie Moritz (   Office: EBU I 2907  Phone: 858-822-6939

Teaching Assistant: 

Jerry Peng  (

Laboratory (EBU-I Room 4511)

Rigoberto Marin (  Office: WHL 2217B  Phone: 858-534-3814

Envision Lab (Structural & Materials Engineering (SME) Building, Rooms 303 , 305 , and 306)

Please check Open Access Hours here 

ECE Makerspace (EBU-I Room B538 in the basement)

Please check Lab Hours here

Grading Policy:

Each team will be assigned a team grade for the overall accomplishments, effort and creativity of the design and implementation of the project, as judged through the weekly presentations, design review, and final report.

This grade may be adjusted up or down one notch (for example, a B+ going up one notch to an A-) based on the quality of the final report (comprehensiveness, English correctness) and based on the team aspects of public speaking (correct slide design, organization).

Additionally, each student's grade can be adjusted individually up or down from the team grade based on a combination of the mentor's individual evaluation, peer evaluation, completion of the ethics module, the individual aspects of public speaking (clarity, pacing, eye contact, facing audience, etc.), and attendance.

  • Each student is expected to spend at least 10 hours per week for the project

  • Contact the mentor during Week 1 and establish the Statement of Work (SOW)

  • Give a team presentation every other week using Google slides

  • 6th week - Design Review (Read Guidelines)

  • 10th week - Rehearsal for Final Presentation 

  • Finals week - Final Presentation ( 7-10 pm, 6/16 - The project list and abstracts can be found here)

The web site for ECE 191 is  for general purpose information

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