Lecture Slides


09/22  Lecture 1
09/27  Lecture 2
09/29  Lecture 3
10/06  Lectures 4 ,5 & 6
           Supplementary notes
10/13  Lecture 7
10/18  Lecture 8 
(Notes appended, but not visible on google drive. Download to see the notes.)
10/20  Lecture 9
10/25  Lecture 10
11/01  Lecture 11
11/17  Lecture 15
11/29  Lecture 16
12/01  Lecture 17

Lab sections

I am grateful to many authors/instructors around the country who have shared their educational material on this topic freely available online to everyone including me and my students. In particular, the content of these slides is heavily adapted from the educational resources that are made available by Pearsons authors:
Kuros & Ross and Tannenbaum & Weatherall (if you sign in you can see the slides and a whole lot more) in conjunction with the course material of Professor Jennifer Rexford at Princeton.  As such the content of these slides is subject to the copyright of the above authors and instructors.    

Tara Javidi