General information

Course load: 4 units


  • ECE 15 (high-level programming language: C, C++ or Java)
  • ECE 25 (logic design)


Quizzes: 40%
Programming Project: 15%
Final Exam: 45% 

Course Materials


  • Performance measures
  • MIPS R2000 instruction set & assembly language
  • Logic design
  • Arithmetic for computers
  • CPU design
  • Memory hierarchy


The textbook for this course is ``Computer Organization and Design, Patterson and Hennessy'' (3rd, 4th or 5th edition). 


Podcasts for the lectures of this course are available at 

Lecture Notes / Slides

SPIM Simulator

You can download a PC version or a Unix version from here. Ubuntu users can type "sudo apt-get install spim". In addition, UC Berkeley maintains a Web page for a MAC OSX version.

You can find a nice tutorial for the SPIM simulator here.

Note to Windows 7 users: If SPIM complains about a missing "exceptions.s", you can fix it by going to Simulator->Settings, and changing the path from "C:\Program Files\PCSpim\exceptions.s" to "C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSpim\exceptions.s".

Class Policy

Review class policies (for labs, quizzes, programming project e.t.c.) here.