In 2013, the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department conceived of a project to help incoming students excel in their early computer science courses and beyond---even if they have no background in computer science or programming. The CSE Department is motivated by the goals of providing the best education to its students and to helping them realize their individual potential. The Summer Program for Incoming Students ((SPIS, pronounced "spice") is a first step towards these goals.

SPIS will give students college-level exposure to computer science, emphasizing problem-solving, communication skills, and mathematical modeling. Students will be exposed to project-based learning as well as research in computer science and engineering. In addition to academics, SPIS will introduce participants to the social, cultural, and broader intellectual experiences open to university students. Those accepted to the SPIS program will also receive career mentoring, and enjoy a series of lectures and demonstrations illustrating the exciting and varied career opportunities available in computer science and engineering.

SPIS is a 5-week residential summer program on the UC San Diego campus for students accepted into CSE majors as well as for other UCSD admitted students who want to explore computer science as a career option. SPIS courses are taught by the very best faculty at UCSD. Students in the program interact with a wide range of CSE faculty and learn about computer science and engineering research. They also have opportunities to connect with engineers from the computer industry. SPIS provides an excellent student experience with individual meetings with faculty, tutoring from experienced CSE undergraduate students, collaborations with fellow students, individual advising to smooth the transition to UCSD, and living on campus.

CSE First Year SPIS 2015

SPIS 2015 will consider applications from all freshmen who are admitted to one of the UCSD Computer Science and Engineering majors (including Computer Science majors in the CSE Department, Computer Engineering majors in CSE or ECE Departments, and Math/CS majors in the Mathematics Department) in Fall 2015. We will also consider applications from a small of number of other freshmen (entering UCSD in Fall 2015) who would like to explore computer science and engineering. All students are required to complete the SPIS 2015 application. Only a limited number of students will  be admitted to SPIS 2015. Students who will benefit most from the program will be given preference.

Students are expected to pay a total fee of $2,000, which partially covers the instructional, housing and dining expenses as well as books, supplies, and other expenses. SPIS 2015 has been subsidized by more than 50% by the Qualcomm Institute, the CSE Department, and the UC San Diego. A number of scholarships (based on financial hardship) are available to partially cover the cost of the $2,000 fee. Participants will live in UC, San Diego in campus housing for the entire duration of the program.

If you have any questions about the program, please send email to Professor Mohan Paturi at paturi@cs.ucsd.edu with a brief statement about your interest and academic background.

To be considered for admission to SPIS 2015, please complete SPIS 2015 application.


CSE First Year SPIS will run from August 2 through September 4, 2015. Please consult the calendar for more details.

Academic Program and People

Please consult the Academic Program page for a description and schedule of the SPIS 2015 academic program.

Please consult the SPIS People page for photos and email addresses of all SPIS 2015 academic staff. Information about the SPIS 2015 student coordinators is available at the Student Coordinators page.

Mailing Address for Fee Payment and Correspondence

Summer Program for Incoming Students
Attn: Mohan Paturi
Computer Science and Engineering, UC San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive #0404
La Jolla, CA 92093-0404