Perspectives in Computer Science


Wednesdays 4:00 - 4:50pm in the Ledden Auditorium (Humanities and Social Sciences Building, Muir College)

Course Description

The decisions you make now as a CS major are going to affect the rest of your career and your life.  In this course you will learn how to make the most of your time as a computer science major at UCSD.  We will explore topics like the different CS majors, course and career planning, study habits, internships, careers, and trends in computing.

Course Requirements and Grading

  • Grading elements [20 points total]:
    • attendance [9 points]
    • class preparation (homeworks) [9 points]
    • surveys [1 point (1/2 point each)]
    • quiz on the course's organization and rules [1 point]
  • Attendance: There will be 9 class sessions.  You must attend at least 7 classes and have your signature recorded on the grade sheet.

  • Homework:  There will be 9 homework assignments (two in the first week).  You must earn at least 7 homework points to pass the class.  Late homeworks will get no credit.  A homework that is incomplete, overly short, or shows little effort may get half-credit (1/2 point) rather than no credit (0 points).

  • Surveys: There will be 2 online surveys throughout the course.  Both must be completed to pass the course.
  • Grading: You must earn at least 17 of 20 combined points to pass the class.

UCSD E-Mail Requirement

Occasionally we may need to contact you regarding your homework or some pressing matter.  We may use e-mail, and when we do, we will use your official UCSD e-mail address, as registered in TritonLink.  You are responsible for reading course-related e-mails sent to your UCSD account in a timely manner.

Academic Integrity

You are to do your own work in this course.  The blogs and comments you write must be your own words.  You cannot copy other people's writing.  Do not cut-and-paste from other web sites to author your blog posts or comments.  Read the UCSD Academic Integrity Policy for details.

Graduating Seniors

Some of the students in the class may be graduating seniors.  Since this class is designed for first-year students, graduating seniors are offered a unique role in the class.  There are many ways for graduating seniors to contribute.  These will include (a) hosting a blog and panel session on lessons learned as a CS major or (b) updating a web page and class presentation on advice from the CSE advisors (Pat, Ivonne, and Viera).  I am open to other suggestions.