Perspectives in Computer Science


Wednesdays 3:00 - 4:20pm, Center 115.

Course Description

The decisions you make now as a CS major are going to affect the rest of your career and your life.  In this course you will learn how to make the most of your time as a computer science major at UCSD.  We will explore topics like the different CS majors, course and career planning, study habits, internships, careers, and trends in computing.

Course Requirements and Grading

  • Grading elements [20 points total]:
    • attendance [9 points]
    • class preparation (homeworks) [10 points]
    • surveys [1 point]
    • NOTE: Although homeworks are worth 1 point, we grade on a 2-point scale because Moodle can't award 1/2 points.  So we then divide the points in half to make it worth 1 point.
  • Attendance: There will be 9 class sessions.  You must attend at least 7 classes and have your signature recorded on the grade sheet.

  • Homework:  There will be 10 homework assignments (two in the first week).  You must earn at least 7 homework points to pass the class.  Late homeworks will get no credit.

  • Surveys: There will be 2-3 online surveys throughout the course.
  • Grading: You must earn at least 16 of 20 combined points to pass the class.

UCSD E-Mail Requirement

Occasionally we may need to contact you regarding your homework or some pressing matter.  We may use e-mail, and when we do, we will use your official UCSD e-mail address, as registered in TritonLink.  You are responsible for reading course-related e-mails sent to your UCSD account in a timely manner.

Graduating Seniors

Several of the students in the class are graduating seniors.  Since this class is designed for first-year students, graduating seniors are offered a unique role in the class.  There are many ways for graduating seniors to contribute.  These will include (a) hosting a blog and panel session on lessons learned as a CS major, (b) authoring a web page and class presentation on advice from the CSE advisors (Pat and Viera), and (c) hosting a blog and posting their views on the class material, as well as posting comments in student blogs throughout the quarter.  I am open to other suggestions.