Projects in Vision & Learning

Course Description

CSE 155 is an undergraduate course for students who wish to engage in research projects and gain experience reading papers in the area of computer vision and machine learning.

Enrollment is by instructor permission only to ensure that students have sufficient background for the course. The application is available here and is due in mid-February.


Applicants are expected to have already taken at least one course in computer vision, artificial intelligence, or a closely related area. Appropriate courses at UCSD include CSE 150, CSE 151, CSE 152, CSE 166, ECE 173, etc.

Room & Time

MW 5-6:20pm, Room EBU3B 4217.  Class section ID: #752818.

Course Requirements and Grading

  • Grade Breakdown: Your grade will be determined by the final project (75%) and class participation (25%).
  • Blogging Requirement: Each project group (of 1 or 2 students) must maintain a blog during the quarter with at least one posting per week. Blog entries should consist of text, plots, screen caps, links to papers, etc., to give a snapshot of your latest developments. Register your project blog with and send me a link to it before the start of the quarter. (Use of other blog sites is ok with instructor approval.)

  • Class Participation: During each class meeting each group should be prepared to give a brief presentation using the blog and/or a few slides.