A Collectively Edited Page of PD Advice from CS10K Participants

Beth threw together this page after Barb's Dynamic breakout Tuesday night of the Jan 2013 PI meeting.  Lots of advice was bandied around.  This is a place where we can collectively document some of our advice/experience.  If we conflict in advice, just add on to someone else's statement with an addition in another color (or something).

Currently invited editors (most have owner access and can allow sharing/editing with others):
  • Beth Simon (UCSD)
  • Tara Craig (UT Austin)
  • Diane Baxter (SDSC)
  • Jan Cuny (NSF)
  • Mark Guzdial (GA Tech)
  • Barb Ericson (GA Tech)
  • Dan Garcia (Berkeley)
  • Tiffany Barnes (UNC Charlotte)