We are a materials and chemical engineering research group in the Department of NanoEngineering at University of California, San Diego. Our research focuses on using chemistry and chemical engineering principles to design, synthesize and utilize novel functional polymers
nanostructured materials, and their hybrid materials for the benefit of our society. We are particularly interested in solving problems related to electrochemical energy storage and conversion, clean water and sustainable environment. We value both fundamental research and real applications. 

    We are always looking for motivated undergraduates, graduates and postdoctoral candidates to join our team. We are also willing to enhance the diversity of the science and engineering community. Women, minority and other under-represented students are encouraged to contact Prof. Chen (zhengchen@ucsd.edu) for possible opportunities in the group. We may not have positions immediately but will be in contact shortly once we have an opening.
Selected Publications:
1.   Zheng Chenet al, Yi Cui* and Zhenan Bao*Fast and Reversible Thermo-Responsive Polymer Switching for Safer BatteriesNature Energy, 2016, 1: 15009.

2.   Zheng Chenet al, Yi Cui*, Zhenan Bao*, High-Areal-Capacity Silicon Electrodes with Low-Cost Silicon Particles Based on Spatial Control of Self-Healing BinderAdvanced Energy Materials2015, 5: 1401826.

3. Zheng Chenet al, Yi Cui* and Zhenan Bao*, A Three-Dimensionally Interconnected Carbon Nanotube-Conducting Polymer Hydrogel Network for High-Performance Flexible Battery Electrodes, 2014, Advanced Energy Materials, 2014, 4: 1400207.

5.  Zheng Chenet al, Fosong Wang* and Yunfeng Lu*, 3D Nanocomposite Architectures from Carbon-Nanotube-Threaded Nanocrystals for High-Performance Electrochemical Energy StorageAdvanced Materials, 2014, 26, 339-345.
Postdoc position:
We are currently looking for a postdoc researcher with a strong background in polymer synthesis and processing, and/or solid-state ionics (valid from 8/1/2017 until filled).

Recent news:
Sep. 8, 2017:   Huanqin completed his summer research and returned back to Peking Univ. Wish him a successful career!

Aug. 9, 2017: Our Thinky mixer is up and running, slurry preparation gets more efficient!

July 18, 2017: UCSD SPEC center hosted an annual summit! We welcomed many academia and industrial friends, partners, and colleagues. We discussed opportunities and challenges for future sustainable energy generation, storage and conversion. We also show-cased our newly established pouch-cell fabrication/testing line. An exciting day! Thanks to all faculty, staff and students who made it so successful
July 17, 2017: Dr. Mei Cai, Technical Fellow and Group Leader of Energy Storage Materials group at GM warren R&D center visited NE and gave a seminar on advanced battery materials. Thanks for sharing us ideas from an Auto-company's perspective.
July 6, 2017: Welcome visiting Professor Ning Wang from Hebei Normal University and undergraduate Huanqin Guan from Peking University to join the group!

June 29, 2017: Yang's first paper from the group has been submitted, keep fingers crossed..

June 26, 2017: Chen group welcomes ENLACE students Fabian Lopez Gonzalez (from Colegio La Paz) and Darien Octavio Moreno Medina (from Preparatoria Xochicalco) to start their scientific exploration!  (see more here about the ENLACE bi-national summer research program).