Best in test

Certification by accredited testing facilities (Rosenheim, SINTEF, Passivhausinstitut Darmstadt, tested according to the National Fenestration Rating Council sizes and others on request)

Why is it green

Energy saving products for a better environment.

We pre-evaluate every action, new product and process based on its environmental impact and material-specific use in our product development program. All supplier products, the most important of which are wood, synthetic profiles, glass, fittings and semi-finished metals, are also chosen with regards to their environmental impact. We place particular value on using individual materials in a manner that allows us to achieve optimum use of energy.

For ecological reasons our glass is only filled using argon gas. We never use glass filled with krypton gas, as they offer a much poorer energy balance.

For ecological reasons we only use wood from PEFC certified forests.

Energy is a resource of rapidly increasing global value and rising demand. At the same time we constantly foster the increasing demand for a convenient and enjoyable lifestyle. In consequence it becomes more and more important, for science and businesses to work on innovative technologies, in order to maintain the capability to provide solutions to realize a comfortable style of living in an environmentally sustainable way.

PEFC Sertifisering

Energie Effizienz made in Germany