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Save Energy Naturrally

Energy saving products for a better environment

The name ENERGATE® is composed of “ENERGY” and “GATE”. Therefore the basic concept of the product is clear. The highly insulated ENERGATE® systems are manufactured in such a way, that they act as an ENERGY-GATE, where the energy can no longer go astray or be lost. They therefore accomplish an important contribution to maintaining the highly insulated shell of the building. The best energy is energy that isn’t consumed.

ENERGATE® stands for possibilities of today‘s  possibilities of designing highly insulated and ecological buildings and demonstrates sustainable, affordable solutions for tomorrow’s architecture, that unites modern design and energy efficient building in a profitable fashion, thus creating real values. Energy is a resource of rapidly increasing global value and rising demand. At the same time we constantly foster the increasing demand for a convenient and enjoyable lifestyle. In  consequence it becomes more and more important, for science and businesses to work on innovative technologies, in order to maintain the capability to provide solutions to realize a comfortable style of living in an environmentally sustainable way. 

We hope that our innovative window technology will play a crucial role in the realization of a future orientated architecture, which lowers the energy usage of buildings in the sense of ecological responsibility and at the same time measurable increases the living comfort of the inhabitants.