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Passive House Area · Park Carré · Germany
Passive House Area · Park Carré · Germany



More light and energy for your home

For a future full of comfort

ENERGATE® not only stops heat from escaping, but also helps you to produce more energy.
The certified plastic version ENERGATE® 843 is mighty impressive with its stylish design and exceptionally slender profiles, which allow increased light to enter every home. The plastic version is made of a durable material which is particularly resistant to soiling and weather influences.
And not only the heat insulation values of the certified window ENERGATE® 843 are impressive.
It also allows your creativity to flow.


 + Best values:
Uwindow = 0.127 Btu/ft² hr °F
 + Uglazing = 0.088 Btu/ft² hr °F
g = 61 – 11%
Psi ~ 665 Btu/h ft F (special fibreglass spacer)
 + Airtightness: certified by blower door tests
 + Certification by accredited testing facilities
(Rosenheim, KMT, Tests according to the National
Fenestration Rating Council and others on request)

 + ENERGATE® products are CE-certified
 + triple seal
+recyclable plastic
 +ENERGATE® 843 is available in a wide color range
 +ENERGATE® product types: A variety of functions
 +ENERGATE® planning and construction with
modern 2D & 3D planning system
(*.dwg, *.dxf, REVIT)

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