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ENERGATE 1202 [+]

MPH Studio/Workshop · Minnesota · USA
MPH Studio/Workshop · Minnesota · USA

ENERGATE wood Aluminium


The constant energy gain

Wood & Aluminium: A perfect combination

ENERGATE® windows in a wood-aluminium design are a high-quality product which combines the advantages of both materials. Due to its excellent heat insulation properties and naturalness, wood is a material which just makes you feel comfortable.
The outer skin made of aluminium provides excellent weathering resistance and protects the wood. And not only the heat insulation values of the passive house-suitable window ENERGATE® 1202 [+] are impressive. It also allows your creativity to flow.

Where can it be used

ENERGATE® windows and doors are especially used for passive houses, low-energy houses, GreenBuilding projects, CO2-neutral construction projects, eco houses, energy-efficient houses, comfort houses or the modernization of old buildings and are at the forefront internationally.


 + Solid wood window or with additional insulation
 + Best in test:
ENERGATE® 1202 +:
Uwindow of 0.106 Btu/ft² hr °F
Uwindow of 0.119 Btu/ft² hr °F
Upon request we send you our U-value certification
for each product type.
 + Uglazing = 0.088 Btu/ft² hr °F
g = 61 – 11%
Psi ~ 665 Btu/h ft F (special fibreglass spacer)
 + Air tightness has been achieved during blower door
tests n50 < 0,26
 + Certification by accredited testing facilities
(Rosenheim, SINTEF, Passivhausinstitut Darmstadt,
Tests according to the National Fenestration Rating
Council and others on request)
 + ENERGATE® products are CE-certified
 + Solvent free water-based paint systems
 + Timber type: PEFC certified HCA-CoC-00089
spruce wood (lat.: picea abies)
Other timber species on request
 + All colors are possible (RAL, NCS, DB)
 + ENERGATE® product types: A variety of functions
 + ENERGATE® planning and construction with
modern 2D & 3D planning system
(*.dwg, *.dxf, REVIT)

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