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ENERGATE 1042 [+]

Winner of SOLAR DECATHLON 2009
Winner of SOLAR DECATHLON 2009

ENERGATE window system 1042


Save energy naturally

Energy-efficient homes for a better life

The dream of a living in a natural environment is brought to life with ENERGATE® 1042 [+] in a wood design. This natural material guarantees greater living comfort and, as a renewable product, ensures sustainable, environmentally friendly construction. It is therefore the ideal product for GreenBuilding projects and CO2-neutral construction.

The winner of Solar Decathlon 2009 and 2007 was also fitted with wooden ENERGATE® windows.

Wooden ENERGATE® windows allow you to save energy naturally. And not only the heat insulation values of the passive house-suitable window ENERGATE® 1042 [+] are impressive. It also allows your creativity to flow.


 + Solid wood window or with additional insulation
 + Best in test:
ENERGATE® 1042 +:
Uwindow of 0.106 Btu/ft² hr °F*
Uwindow of 0.119 Btu/ft² hr °F*
Upon request we send you our U-value certification
for each product type.
 + Uglazing = 0.088 Btu/ft² hr °F
g = 61 – 11%
Psi ~ 665 Btu/h ft F (special fi breglass spacer)
 + Our system has been successfully tested during
many Blower Door tests n50 < 0,26
 + Certifi cation by accredited testing facilities
(Rosenheim, SINTEF, Passivhausinstitut
Darmstadt, tested according to the National
Fenestration Rating Council sizes and others
on request)
 + ENERGATE® products are CE-certified
 + Solvent free water-based paint systems
 + Timber type: PEFC certifi ed HCA-CoC-00089
spruce wood (lat.: picea abies)
Other timber species on request
 + All colors are possible (RAL, NCS, DB)
 + ENERGATE® product types: A variety of functions
 +ENERGATE® planning and construction with
modern 2D & 3D planning system
(*.dwg, *.dxf, REVIT)

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