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Winner of SOLAR DECATHLON 2007
Winner of SOLAR DECATHLON 2007

Future made in Germany

ENERGATE® windows and doors are especially used for passive houses, low-energy houses, GreenBuilding projects, CO2-neutral construction projects, eco houses, energy-efficient houses, comfort houses or the modernization of old buildings and are at the forefront internationally. ENERGATE® has won several architectural and design awards within the last years.

ENERGATE® is titleholder of the Solar Decathlon 2009 and winner of the Solar Decathlon 2007, an international competition to design, build and operate the most attractive and energy-efficient solar-powered house.

The PLUS ENERGY HOUSE of the German Government is supplied with ENERGATE® windows and doors. The model project shows the public the future of energy efficient building.

ENERGATE® has won several architectural awards & design awards within the last years.

Innovative window technology plays a crucial role in the realisation of future orientated architecture, which lowers the energy usage of buildings in the sense of ecological responsibility and at the same time increases the living comfort of the inhabitants. New developments in the area of highly insulating windows enable a modern, transparent, light flooded architecture, which at the same time guarantees the highest energy efficiency standards on a passive house level.

ENERGATE® windows and doors, which were used in innovative projects like MASDAR MIST (MASDAR Institute of Science and Technology), help to lower the electric power consumption in your house up to 90 percent. Due to its impressive isolation values ENERGATE® windows reduce the energy demand for heating and cooling to a minimum.

ENERGATE® windows can be realized in various colours and materials (wood, wood and aluminium, PVC). The development of especially slimmer profiles and object specific designs as well as a new thermotechnic value dimension opens up new possibilities of related building for architects and what demands are to be made of high insulating windows from today’s perspective. Hereby the requirements and potential for summer and winter climate conditions are taken into account.