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Project Thinking Cap

Description: A wig with Fiber optics that lights up different sections that correlates with the different sections of the brain being used  

User Stories: 

User Story 1:  I want a wig that lights up different sections as I access those parts of my brain.

User Story 2: I would like to color code certain large sections to make it obvious.   I would like white for the Frontal Lobes.  Pink for the emotional centers etc.

Project Team

NameRole(s)E-mailWebpageIM contact infoComments
 WANTED DESIGNER   Http:// Contact me about joining my team!
 WANTED    SME (Subject Matter Expert)    



  • Where it is hosted? 
    • <<insert github address here!>>
  • Design documents
    • <<can also be github wiki>>
    • <<should have about 3-5 user stories>>
  • Reference docs
    • <can also be github docs>>
  • Test environment?
    • <<not required but nice for judges>>