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Lucid Space

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  Developed by ​Jo​K​abat ​Z​inn​ more than two decades ago​​M​indfulness ​B​ase​d​ ​S​tress ​Reduction ​(MBSR) ​has shown ​great ​promise in treating everything from PTSD, anxiety, and depression to aiding ​patients ​in recovery following cancer treatment. Research into the effects of mindfulness ​and funding for its study has increased ​massively over the past decade and with it a profound interest in preventative medicine and techniques. 

  Lucid Space began as an international collaboration between UC Irvine School of Medicine and the iSpace Research Lab at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. Our goal is to create a game that is not only fun to play but serves as an immersive virtual research environment for studying the effects of mindfulness on brain computer interfaces. To this end we have integrated the Emotiv Epoch, Leap Motion and Oculus Rift into a developing framework designed to teach MBSR in a very subtle and unobtrusive manner. Our speakers today are Emma Austin who published her first book at the age of 18, and Shane Beck whose One Week Challenge to program Minecraft in Unity has garnered more than 300,000 views on Youtube.  

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Project Team

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 Jacob Redmond Project Lead  Skype: jacob.redmond75 
 Emma Austin Senior Designer   
 Shane Beck Senior Software Engineer