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GSI - Gain Security Insight Before Its Too Late

Project GSI - Gain Security Insight Before Its Too Late (Patent Pending) 


The PITCH & Description: 

Today, whether you are a military trooper deployed in a battlefield situation, a local police officer or fire fighter, or even a shopping mall guard, protection is limited. 90% of the time protection requires calling for backup. It requires physical movement and self protection in threatening and even non threatening environments and is very difficult as people are moving around or in an environment that is unsafe. They end up having to move to a safe location, then move around to make contact with an outside team to contact for help. 

Even with great advances in technology like mobile phones, bluetooth headsets, google glasses or military HUD displays, the big problem is that none of these devices monitor the human brain during these engagements. These devices even when combined, lack the overall knowledge of what is going on in the human brain, thus they will never be as capable as a device that can GAIN SECURITY INSIGHT of your surroundings, the environment you are in, and the security of the human brain. 

These devices are simply incapable of providing real time response based on the human brain itself. They are unable and inefficient at triggering commands based on what immediate action needs to take place without altering a current position. None of these devices provide feedback from the human mind during times of conflict and do not monitor the overall emotions of an individual during these engagements. If we are capable of monitoring the minds of people in these destitute situations we can save lives of millions of people. Active engagement in any stressful environment leads to things like post traumatic stress disorder and other types of long term mental disabilities and challenges.

My idea is to first provide a system that can monitor the human mind and provide trigger based responses based on active rules during these engagements so whether a person is deployed in a battlefield situation, a police officer involved in a car chase, or a fire fighter who is saving a burning child, we would be capable of monitoring the short and longer term emotional responses and be able to generate automatic rules to trigger actions to occur based on the emotional response. 

To test this we can create a pseudo dangerous situation that will trigger security based systems like personal alarms, automatically contacting people or sending messages of location to EMR staff as well as triggering rule based systems based on trained responses. A few examples of triggers include: Locking doors, Call for help, Send GPS Coordinations need emergency kit, high probability of death, etc.

For example, if someone is a physical security guard and using a emotiv insight, Simply training to trigger a call for backup or send a message as a false alarm, send a geo location event, or current status of green, yellow, red types of situations could be more beneficial than what occurs today. Based on a given emotional threat response, rules can be in place to take specific actions. False alarms can be monitored and the data can be collected to determine when situations occur that cause false alarms and some of the causes can be recorded. 

Using GSI - Gain Security Insight, we can measure EMR teams physical conditions based on their active level of emotions in a given situation even over a prolonged period of time. Thus, measuring overall PTSD, their ability to maintain on task or monitoring threat type situations to trigger possible therapy sessions later or record the brain activity during a threatening situation to train someone how to counter it, or handle the situation better.

While there are a ton of possible ideas flowing around emotiv insight, the one that is often overlooked in all aspects of life, is that of security, whether your securing your thoughts, yourself, or those in your environment, security should be on the minds of everyone. 

GSI - Gain Security Insight Before Its Too Late


Project Team

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I am Tyler Rorabaugh VP Engineering at a Security company called Cenzic. I am one of your hackers I mean backers on the project and when people think of emotiv, they think of cool use cases like flying things or playing music but I would like to to develop techniques for improving security both with and for the insight.  There are several security issues that maybe missing including things like regulatory compliance based issues and encryption to things like making the device less prone to hacking attacks. Just because something is encrypted or uses encryption in communication doesn't mean it secure. 

But the bigger security use case is yet to come

 WANTED ENGINEER(S)    Hacker to help with the app development
 WANTED DATA SCIENTIST    Someone who likes to crunch the numbers game. Understands correlation, stats, and data science to crunch info across multiple encounters of multiple people to create a base line. 
 WANTED    SME (Subject Matter Expert)    Emotiv Team Member, Emotiv Employee, or someone with a background in Neuroscience that is capable of reading the responses from the 5 sensors and and creating an algorithm that is generic enough to correlation emotional responses based on situations. 
 Michael Yuen     SECURITY PEOPLE pragm4 -at-   Assist in working on security problem domains to help in securing the system.



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