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THANK YOU all for your enthusiasm and support! We had 20 projects at the end of the day and ran 1 1/2 hours over schedule! Here are the winners from our Designathon:

Most Helpful (Social Good): EEGCommunicator 
Best Wearable Mashup: The locket from Mood Ring
Make A Mint: Neuro+ Neurofeedback
Most Innovative: Creative Cognition

AND, we have a special judges' award (a project that didn't fit into the existing 4 categories): Brainability

Here is Judge Brian making the announcement:

Here are some awesome event photos by Andrew Miller: Facebook Album - go tag yourself!

Please also share your photos on our Facebook events page!

Don't forget to register for your FREE Unity Pro 60-day Trial License here.

See you at the next Emotiv event! 

Do you have a brilliant futurist idea?  Come to our designathon to show how you would use your brain to control the world around you!

February 22, 2014 at Pivotal Labs, 875 Howard St. San Francisco. We will be hold a one day contest to show the world all the brilliant ways the Emotiv Insight can be used.

Remember the Insight has additional sensors you can use like the 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer.  And automatically, it can detect limited types of facial expressions.

Later when our brand new insights arrive for our Kickstarter backers, we will hold a Codeathon to create working demos.  Attract their attention with your ideas!