02.10: Premature completion of service

While on occasion it may be necessary to bring premature closure to a term of service, every effort should be made to prevent this from happening. 

The following guidelines should be followed when premature completion is unavoidable.
  1. A decision to complete service prematurely should be made in consultation with the local church leaders, outreach coordinator, regional representative (RR), personnel placement coach, and discipleship coach. The participant should not leave his/her assignment without approval from the RR.
  2. If premature completion of service is caused by circumstances beyond the participant’s control, e.g., serious illness, unstable political situation, war, etc., or if EMM initiates the premature completion of service, return travel costs will be EMM’s responsibility when travel is approved by the RR.
  3. Depending on the circumstances that resulted in premature completion of service, professional counseling may be recommended. The personnel placement coach, in consultation with the Human Resources director, will decide if professional care is indicated. 
Revised: 06/2016.