02.09: Special project funding

EMM is primarily committed to providing human resources and does not send financial resources with participant for projects on outreach.

  1. The participant informs persons/churches/organizations requesting funds that it is EMM’s short-­term policy not to fund projects (e.g., DVDs, vehicle, church windows, office equipment).

  2. If a participant feels it is important to fund a project, these procedures are followed: 
  • Participant contacts the outreach coordinator for permission to fund a particular project.
  • The outreach coordinator may desire to consult with the CAO program director. 
  • The outreach coordinator communicates the final decision to the participant.
The participant consults the outreach coordinator for approval prior to contacting his/her home congregation, family, or friends for solicitation of additional funds for the project.

Effective: 1988. Revised: 06/2016.