02.03: Alcohol and culture

Alcoholic beverages are politely declined when offered. Each person serving with EMM accepts a personal covenant when completing the EMM application form. The covenant says, in part: while on assignment with EMM, “I will be committed to a lifestyle based on Biblical teaching, with particular sensitivity to the local church regarding dress codes and standard of living. I will refrain from the use of tobacco and non­-medicinal drugs. I will only consume alcohol/wine in church services, in sensitivity to the local church and/or on limited occasions.” EMM does not approve of underage drinking (in the context of the country in which one is serving) and never approves drinking under the age of 18. 

  1. Participants are discouraged from being employed or volunteering in an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages. Any deviation from this needs to be approved by the outreach coordinator.

  2. Politely decline alcoholic beverages and choose other non-­alcoholic beverages. As North American hosts, alcoholic beverages should not be bought or served, except when not serving others an alcoholic beverage is inappropriate. Purchasing alcohol needs to be approved by the outreach coordinator. 

  3. In situations where it seems inappropriate to decline an alcoholic beverage and a personal choice is made, please remember the following:
  • Accepting one glass is sufficient and polite as a guest.
  • It is very acceptable not to empty the glass (it will probably be refilled if you do).
  • Even small amounts of alcohol affect reaction time. Drinking and driving is deadly.
Effective: 1986. Revised: 06/2016.