01.09: Medical coverage

EMM requires short‐term workers serving domestically and internationally to have adequate medical coverage while participating in our programs. EMM requires that the plan you choose has an emergency contact number that can be reached at any hour of the day.  For international assignments, plans must also include overseas coverage and provide for emergency medical evacuation. Some insurance providers offer basic emergency medical evacuation coverage which may serve to supplement another overseas coverage plan, if needed. Coverage is required for the entire assignment, not just partial periods.

GO! summer participants must find a health coverage plan that meets these requirements. If you would like recommendations of health insurance providers to consider, please contact Cara Kilheffer at carak@emm.org. (Please note that EMM will only provide suggestions of where to look for coverage. It is the participant's responsibility to ensure that the plan they select meets EMM's requirements as explained in the EMM medical form.) 

You may request that the cost for medical coverage be added to the total amount of tax-deductible support that you need to raise for your EMM assignment. Medical premiums can then be reimbursable from EMM, rather than you bearing the financial cost personally. However, to add medical premiums to your total program fee, you must make the request before your ministry agreement is finalized. Keep this in mind before affirming your ministry agreement.  

EMM expects all workers to work at maintaining good health and take reasonable safety precautions, including any required immunizations for their designated outreach locations. 

Please complete the following form:
Medical form — under six months