01.05: Raising prayer support

Mission workers need the prayers of other believers. Each person involved in an EMM assignment is required to have people standing firmly behind him or her in prayer. 

Beyond merely asking others for prayer, it is important to keep committed intercessors informed of praises and requests and to report their prayers’ effects. The Holy Spirit is our guide in prayer, but the more specific information given, the more effective prayers can be. Those who know you personally can pray more effectively for you and your team’s ministry. Prayer will be vital for your sustained strength, discernment, and growth, from preparation for your assignment through your return home.

The prayer facilitator on your MST will help you organize your prayer support, and will share your prayer requests and praises with others. 

We ask that you find at least three people who commit to regular prayer and intercession throughout your assignment. These should be people with whom you feel comfortable sharing your prayer concerns openly and honestly. Your prayer facilitator will communicate your prayer requests to your prayer supporters. 

Organize your prayer support in one of the following ways: 
  • a already existing small/cell group who will pray for you as part of their activities
  • a prayer group that meets specifically to pray for you during your assignment; 
  • a prayer network linked by email or phone that receives requests and prays for you regularly 
Put your prayer support in motion. As you make preparations to begin your assignment, join your prayer supporters for times of prayer. Invite them to pray with you as you begin raising your financial support, and as team assignments are developed. 

You are responsible to stay in contact with your prayer facilitator, who will pass information on to your prayer supporters. Staying in regular contact:
  • Allows those supporting you to see their investment at work
  • Shows gratitude to your supporters
  • Ministers to supporters through what you share 
  • Allows supporters to minister to you through prayer and encouragement
  • Gives your friends, family, and congregation ownership in your mission and allows them to be sources of support when you return
  • Earns you the right to be heard when you return