01.04: Telling others about your assignment

As you prepare for your upcoming assignment and begin to raise prayer and financial support, you will find that good communication with your congregation, friends, and family is essential. It is important to clearly share your mission vision and plans for your assignment with your congregation and other supporters. 

The church communicator on your MST can lead a team discussion about ways in which you can share your call to missions and the vision you have for ministry. As your congregation and other supporters become aware of your interest, they can be in prayer for you during the discernment time, and begin to feel their partnership in your mission vision. 

Some ideas for sharing with a congregation:
  • Your pastor can plan a missions message the same day you share your testimony so the theme of the whole service is missions. A pastor can also share the MST concept and how this connects to the congregation. You may want to have your MST members introduced at this time. 
  • Share in Sunday School classes with children, youth, and/or adults. In this type of setting, you can be more informal and share things you know about the culture, the people, the geography and climate in the place where you will be serving. Maybe you can even invite your audience to sample a food item. If you are not familiar with the country you will be serving in, try doing some research on the internet or at the library. (See cultural research for more information on this subject.)
Make plans now for how you will stay in contact with your congregation and supporters throughout your assignment (newsletters, emails, occasional bulletin inserts, etc.).