Opportunities to serve refugees locally

Contact Andrew Mashas:  or (717) 898-2251


(refugee resettlement agency)
Church World Service: (717) 381-2890
Christine Baer:

Group opportunities and projects:

  • Become a Welcome Team

  • Set up an apartment for an arriving family

  • Prepare a culturally appropriate meal for an arriving family

  • Gather/donate items for welcome kits (Contact for list of items needed)

Ongoing/individual volunteer needs:

  • Transport refugees to appointments

  • Tutor children, practice conversational English, or help teach English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • Orient: provide cultural orientation or explore the city together


(refugee resettlement agency)
Bethany Christian Services:

(717) 399-3213

Megan Brown

Group opportunities and projects:

  • Assist a family with initial needs and provide ongoing relationship

  • Set up an apartment for an arriving family

  • Prepare a culturally appropriate meal for an arriving family

  • Gather/donate items for welcome boxes (Contact BCS for a list of items needed)

  • Create an inventory of the welcome box items placed in Emmanuel Church

  • Create a database/phone list of ongoing volunteers

Ongoing/individual volunteer needs:

  • Transport refugees to appointments

  • Help with ESL or homework tutoring

  • Visit a refugee and help them learn basic aspects of living in America

  • Orient people to the city and local resources

  • Be matched with a family to take them to church

  • Be a person for a family to call with questions


(Support center at Reynolds Middle School)
Refugee Center: (717) 947-1523
Khem Subedi: 

Group opportunities and projects:

  • Collect donations such as school uniforms, backpacks, or school supplies

  • The Refugee Center especially needs hygiene items like deodorant, feminine products, toothpaste, etc. (Contact Courtney or Angie for a complete list of items needed)

Ongoing/individual volunteer needs:

  • Volunteer with an after-school club one hour/week

  • Volunteer with to help with an English and art club one hour/week (Thursdays, 45pm, at Reynolds Middle School, Lancaster) 

  • Help with the Leap into Language Summer Program, offering enrichment activities to refugee students engaged in a summer English language learning program (Location, dates and times TBD. July 2017, Lancaster)

(provides ESL classes to refugees and immigrants)
The Literacy Council: 717-295-5523
Jane Myers:

Ongoing/individual volunteer needs: ESL Instruction:     Classroom assistant     Small group instructor One-on-one tutoring     Mentoring:     Career Pathways Mentor for High Skill Immigrants and Refugees

Contact: Rhoda Yost -  717.669.3888;

Children's Ministry Opportunities:
  • Wednesday Kids Club.. 4-5:30…  plan or assist

  • Saturday morning Bhutanese Nepali Sunday School.  

  • Sunday 4 pm… Develop children’s ministry for small English fellowship

  • Child care for Thursday morning so Mom’s can be present in The Sewing Café.  

Youth Ministry Opportunities:

  • Consider building friendship with  Nepali youth and being a mentor to them as they learn how to follow Jesus in American culture.

ESL Classes:

  • Need for teacher assistants during ESL classes Monday through Wednesday mornings, 10 am to noon.

Sewing Café:

  • We have a need for persons who like to sew to be available on Thursday evenings as a sewing coach so we can extend our hours for accessibility to those who work.

  • An urgent need for childcare on Thursday mornings so refugees can attend.

Church Growth:

  • Need for worship leader for our small Sunday English service meeting at 4 pm.

  • Need for persons interested in being out in the community talking with people, building relationships, sharing Jesus, invitational.

  • Need for development of children’s ministry for Sunday 4 pm. Fellowship

Facilities Care:

  • Perhaps you are a hands-on, fix-it type of person who would enjoy a ministry that blesses refugees and the church by working on facility care.  

  • We have an Urgent need for someone to fix, maintain, and oversee our facility care so that our ministries can run safely.

EMM: (717) 898-2251
Andrew Mashas: (Angie Earl: after August 2017)

Youth groups:

  • Host a game night and invite refugee youth (EMM can invite refugee youth)

  • Have a shopping night to gather supplies for welcome kits; assemble and donate them to CWS or BCS

  • Consider joining K-teams for one week in summer 2017

  • Volunteer at MCC Resource Center for global refugee needs


  • Assist with a local ESL class for refugees, or start a new class

  • Learn how you could befriend a refugee and invite them into your community

  • Consider opening your home or renting to a refugee family with CWS or BCS

  • Find out if your business could provide a job to a refugee

  • Attend cultural trainings to build cross-cultural relationships

  • Offer your skills or resources to serve refugees through CWS or BCS resettlement agencies


  • Consider a customized short-term mission assignment to assist EMM workers in Germany with refugee needs

  • Consider serving for a long-term assignment in Europe or other places of great refugee need