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Reappointment or re-entry?

At the end of a term of service, a missionary is confronted with the option of continuing to serve for another term (if an invitation is extended) or completing the assignment and returning home. The MST can pray and help the missionary discern the best option.

Six months prior to the end of the missionary’s term

Connect with the missionary to discuss future plans and how you can be praying and discerning with them during this time.

When reappointment is chosen
  • Encourage each member of the MST to pray and discern if he or she is still called to continue serving on the MST during the next term.
  • If new members are needed, brainstorm as an MST and with the missionary about who could be invited to join the team. Has there been anyone who has taken great interest in the missionary’s work and would want to be included in the MST?
  • Receive the new budget for the upcoming term from EMM’s MST coach.
  • With the missionary’s input, schedule speaking engagements and times for them to share with supporters while they are on home leave.
  • Consider hosting a reception for the missionary so supporters can get an update and be invited to continue support during the next term.
  • If the missionary needs refreshment, consider organizing a get-away or retreat during their home leave. Please consult the missionary before making plans. EMM can provide a list of guest houses and retreat centers that offer special rates to full-time ministry workers. Contact the executive assistant for the Human Resources team at EMM.
  • Begin to plan how you will raise the financial support needed for the next term. Are there new persons to contact? How will you re-engage previous supporters?

When re-entry is chosen
  • Prepare for the missionary’s return by reading and discussing the Re-Entry Guide in this manual.
  • Receive information from the MST coach regarding home leave benefits for the missionary during the planned adjustment period following his/her return. Make arrangements with supporters to continue financial contributions through this time period.
  • Decide with the missionary how you will extend a final thank-you to supporters.