​DonorElf is a donor-tracking tool designed specifically for missionaries and their MSTs, allowing them to manage donor contact information along with the donor’s pledge preferences.
DonorElf cross-references donor pledges with the missionary’s monthly budget and the deposits made to the missionary’s support account at EMM. DonorElf uses all of this financial information to create a real-time picture of the missionary's total support level --- so the MST can know exactly what percentage of support has been reached to date. DonorElf allows the Finance Coordinator to see the day to day deposits made into the missionary's support account at EMM.
In addition to reporting the charitable gifts received for missionaries at EMM each day, DonorElf software is designed to help MSTs track gifts and pledges with ease. To utilize the service properly, the Financial Coordinator of each MST enters donor commitments into the program as they occur. Once this task is accomplished, it is easy to determine if pledged gifts are corresponding with actual gifts received in the account.  When a gift is made, or a pledged gift seems to have been forgotten, the MST or missionary can quickly initiate follow-up contact with the donor.
Once a support account for a new worker is set up at EMM, the Finance Coordinator will be receiving an email which contains a link to log into DonorElf. After DonorElf has been initialized and donor pledges have been entered, the MST may choose to share access to DonorElf with the missionary so they can work together in maintaining contact with donors. Each missionary account can only have one user and password assigned, so choosing to share access means sharing the same user and password information.
Developing and maintaining a positive relationship with the donors who support a missionary is vital to building a solid support base for the worker’s ministry. DonorElf should be used to its fullest capacity to help MSTs accomplish this goal.  ​