Steps to follow for mailings

Mailings to raise financial support

A good starting point for most missionaries and MSTs beginning to raise financial support is preparation of several mailings that go to everyone in the missionary’s potential support network. Follow the steps below:

  1. Create a list of all potential ministry partners    family members, friends, work colleagues, neighbors    that includes names and mailing addresses. 

  2. Create and print a mission vision brochure or letter that describes what God is asking the missionary to do

  3. Create and print an accompanying cover letter from the MST inviting potential ministry partners to respond with spiritual, relational, and/or financial support.

  4. Personalize thresponse form template and print. 

  5. Fold together the mission vision brochure or letter, the MST cover letter, and the response form and mail them to all potential partners. Plan a party for stuffing envelopes and spend time in prayer, asking God to supply the needed ministry partners. 

  6. Two weeks later, prepare a similar second mailing. Change the letters slightly to begin with thanks to all who responded and report the percentage of financial support given so far and the remaining need. 

  7. Send this second mailing three to four weeks after the first mailing. Don’t wait longer than one month. Many potential partners receive a first mailing with interest and intend to give but become distracted or forget. The second mailing reminds them of their intention to partner with you; you are not “bugging” people. Responses to second mailings are generally greater than to first mailings. 

After the first two major mailings, begin sending a one-page newsletter/update (by email to as many people as possible to save money). 

These mailings benefit everyone: 
  • the missionary develops a regular rhythm of communicating with ministry partners 
  • the newsletter manager has the chance to work out any mailing issues 
  • ministry partners see progress toward full financial support 

Include photos of training events, other preparations for the field, and current ministry activity and text about what God is doing in the missionary during this time of preparation. Invite different members of the MST to write a paragraph or two of invitation, and consider using pie graphs or other visuals to show progress toward the goal of full financial support, along with the remaining need. 
  1. Continue to talk with God about the support raising process and to trust Him to help you find and develop the ministry partners the mission requires. 

  2. Celebrate when full spiritual, relational, and financial support is in place!