MST cover letter

Developing an MST cover letter

A cover letter from an MST lends credibility to a missionary’s vision brochure or letter. This cover letter invites others to join in the ministry of the missionary by providing spiritual, relational, and/or financial support.

Suggestions to consider as you create your own letter or adapt a sample letter:
  • State that the missionary is serving with Eastern Mennonite Missions and include the EMM logo.
  • Mention that EMM requires each missionary to form an MST and briefly explain what an MST is.
  • Consider including the name, role, and contact information for each person on the MST.
  • Explain that the MST has been discerning with the missionary and believes that God is calling the missionary to this ministry.
  • Invite the recipient of the letter to give to God by giving to EMM in support of the missionary's work.
  • State the amount of funds needed per month; consider providing a breakdown of how many people giving a particular monthly amount it would take to achieve 100% financial support.
  • Include a date by which you want people to respond.
  • Include where to send responses. (This information is also provided on the response form template.)

Cara Kilheffer,
Sep 7, 2018, 8:29 AM