Missionary vision brochure or letter

Each missionary or missionary support team will need to create a brochure or letter that provides information about the missionary's vision and assignment, and about how he or she also fits into EMM's broader mission vision. 

See the sample mission vision brochure template attached below. It’s designed as an 8.5x11" sheet to be folded in thirds. Simply use the sample as a starting point.

The sample includes:
    • Worker's photo
    • Worker's vision
    EMM logos
    • Information about the country and/or region (including map)    
    • Note from MST
    • Note from EMM regional representative re: EMM's vision in the region
    • Information about EMM
    • Contact information

We strongly recommend that you include the information about Eastern Mennonite Missions; 
however, we ask that you do not change/edit the panel of information about EMM in any way. Contact EMM’s Advancement team if you have questions. Following are a few notes about creating the mission vision brochure.

1. Images

For images to appear at their best, you’ll need to print out all of the copies on an inkjet or laser printer, or have a professional printer produce them. However, if you plan to photocopy your brochures instead, be aware that images often will not photocopy well. A few newer photocopiers may handle photos adequately – but be sure to test out any photocopying of your newsletter to make sure it looks as you intend.

2. Maps

If you wish to include a map of the missionary's outreach country, you can find them in the CIA World Factbook online at cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook. For a country map, choose your country from the drop down list at the top of the page. For a regional map, click on "Reference maps." Save the map to your computer (if using Windows) by right-clicking on it and choosing "Save picture as."

Again, shaded images (photos of people or maps with shades of gray) do not photocopy well. If you must photocopy this map as part of your vision brochure, change it to a black and white (not shaded with gray) image. This is not the best option for map readability; resort to this only if you must photocopy the brochure and your photocopier does not do well with images.

To change the map to black and white: Double-click on the map in your MS Word document (or choose "Format" and "Picture" from the menu), and on the "Picture" tab, make two changes: 1) Change the color from "automatic" to "gray scale," and 2) Change the brightness to approximately 30%, and the contrast to approximately 90%. Your image should now appear as line art that photocopies reliably.

3. Paper

Slightly heavier/higher quality paper will keep text and images from visually "bleeding through" to the other side of your brochure, will be sturdier, and will generally improve your brochure's

4. EMM logo

If you intend to use the EMM logo on the document you personalize (as in the sample document), first read EMM logo use guidelines.
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May 15, 2017, 6:12 AM
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