Letter to include with fund appeals

To maintain integrity in your fundraising, please be sure to include this letter when you send fund appeals to potential donors. There is a word document attached below that you can download and print out.

Giving to support EMM mission activities

This letter accompanies an invitation to support the work of EMM through a charitable gift. If you choose to support this work, there are a few things we would like to communicate to you.

First, thank you! Through your generous gift, many people around the world will hear and experience the good news of Jesus Christ.

Second, we aim to be faithful stewards of the funds which you entrust to us. It is our goal to provide clarity and exercise integrity in our financial responsibilities. Part of this responsibility is to make you aware of the legal and tax issues associated with giving a tax-deductible charitable gift to the work of EMM.

While we want to be as accommodating as possible with donors, the Internal Revenue Service laws stipulate how we can, and cannot, accept tax-deductible gifts. According to the IRS, the tax-deductibility of your charitable gift is dependent on it being “unconditional and without personal benefit to the donor,” and that it “is made to or for the use of” a qualified charity. Further, EMM must have “full control of the donated funds, and discretion as to their use, so as to insure that they will be used to carry out its functions and purposes.” Thus, EMM can only accept tax-deductible charitable gifts which are given in this way. IRS law does not prohibit donors from giving to specific projects within an organization. However, these should be stated as “preferences.”

All EMM donors need to understand that when you receive a funding appeal from an EMM worker or his/her Missionary Support Team (MST), you are receiving a request to join in the ministry of EMM. While donors may feel a strong personal connection to the worker, each preferenced gift should be viewed as a gift to the work of EMM and not to the worker.

If for some reason the worker you received an appeal from is unable to participate in the assignment, or that assignment is cancelled or postponed, EMM can not legally refund your charitable gift. Those funds will first be used to cover expenses already incurred on his/her behalf. Excess monies preferenced for a cancelled assignment will be held in an account for 24 months to be used towards a potential future EMM assignment. EMM reserves the right to use any remaining funds for other expenses incurred by that assignment or any other EMM mission activity.

When a particular ministry project or commitment is fully funded, EMM will communicate this information to the MST and to you the donor along with an invitation to redirect your contributions to another ministry or to discontinue your donations. If you had authorized automatic (ACH or Paypal) deductions from your bank account, these will be discontinued.

Please call the EMM administrative office if you have any questions. We would be happy to discuss these issues with you. EMM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania and our federal tax ID number is 23-6005847. All charitable contributors will receive confirmation of their gift upon receipt of that gift.

EMM – 2015.10.28
Cara Kilheffer,
Mar 2, 2017, 5:57 AM