Overview of fundraising tools

The list below describes the tools available to the missionary and the MST as they engage in raising financial support:
  1. Prayer and study
    Talk with God, study the Bible and read good books until you can freely and confidently engage in the work of raising financial support for ministry.

  2. Mailings
    Missionaries and MSTs work together to create and mail communication pieces that invite potential partners to give financial (as well as relational and spiritual) support to the missionary.

  3. Face-to-face meetings
    Missionaries prayerfully discern individuals or small groups to meet with face-to-face to present their mission vision and invite financial partnership. This is the most effective way to gain a financial partner; face-to-face yield a new financial partner 50% of the time.

  4. Large donor connections
    Missionaries and MSTs work together to identify churches and businesses that may be interested in supporting the missionary and to arrange times for the missionary and/or MST to present the vision and invite financial support.

  5. Fundraisers
    Missionaries and MSTs work together on a variety of activities that educate potential partners, create enthusiasm, and generate funds.
No two missionaries walk identical paths in raising financial support. But almost all journeys involve some combination of the tools above. And all journeys to full financial support require action on the part of missionary and the MST. So together, you will . . .
plan the work and work the plan.