Honoring and keeping ministry partners

Maintaining financial support

A good ministry partner is too valuable to lose! Maintaining your relationship with a current supporter is always easier than finding a new one.

So missionaries and MSTs must work together to build strong relationships with partners and to create ways for them to share in the joy of what Jesus is doing through the ministry. When people stop giving, more than half the time it is because they don’t hear from the missionary.

Create a plan

Develop a plan for nurturing ministry partner relationships. Consider the following:
  • Newsletters
    Decide how often they will be sent. Send a newsletter every one to two months, or at a minimum, once every three months (four times a year).

  • Welcoming new donors
    Plan how you will welcome new supporters. Who will send a thank you to a new contributor?

  • Personal contact from the missionary
    Annual personal contact from the missionary (postcard, email, phone call, note, or visit to express gratitude and care) blesses ministry partners. Missionaries can plan spaces for this into their schedules and MST members can hold them accountable for carrying through on the plan.

  • Follow-up with lapsed partners
    MST members can check in with forgetful donors by sending reminders or calling. If the donor can no longer give financially, the MST plans how to replace the lacking funds.

  • Partner appreciation events
    Missionaries and MST members can work together to host an event where ministry partners can see and hear what God is doing in the life and ministry of the missionary. Food from the country of service could be shared to enhance the experience.