Missionary/MST partnership in raising financial support

Whenever a person senses a call from God to be involved in missions, along with the call comes a big question: “How can I raise all my financial support?” We at EMM do not want our missionaries to carry that weight alone, so part of the MST’s commitment is to help with raising financial support.

EMM envisions a partnership in which the missionary and the MST share joint responsibility for raising financial support, with the missionary performing certain tasks and the MST performing others. We also envision EMM staff, especially the MST coach, providing initial training and ongoing support throughout the financial support raising process.

Sharing the responsibilities

This chart shows how a missionary and an MST could share the work connected to the steps for raising financial support described in the book People Raising by William Dillon.

  Missionary MST member(s)
Know the Biblical basis for raising funds and cultivate a positive attitude Read People Raising, 17-54 Read People Raising, 17-54
Begin with your home church (Dillon, chapter 8)Meet with the decision-maker your MST identified to share your mission vision and invite financial partnershipIdentify the person or team that makes missions-related financial decisions
Determine whom you will invite to partner with you (Dillon, chapter 9)Compile a list of potential partners 
Record, catalog, and prioritize potential partners
(Dillon, chapter 10)
Set up a database of names, contact information, and any other info you want to trackStart praying and/or fasting, asking God to move on the hearts of people to give
Get the word out
(Dillon, chapter 11)
Prepare your mission vision letter or brochurePrepare a cover letter to go with the mission vision piece
Prepare a response form
Stuff envelopes and mail
Make appointments
(Dillon, chapter 12)
Practice your phone skills
Schedule meetings with people who did not respond to the mailing
Be a practice partner – use common objections to give the missionary practice in responding to them
Conduct visits
(Dillon, chapter 13)
Meet with potential partners to explain your mission vision and ask for financial supportPray when missionary is visiting potential partners
Encourage and express faith
Track funds
(Dillon, chapter 14)
 Finance coordinator: set up a database for tracking the giving of financial partners
Say thank you
(Dillon, chapter 15)
Respond with thanks in writing as soon as possibleAddress envelopes
Apply stamps and mail
Conduct phone appointments
(Dillon, chapter 16)
Explain your mission vision and ask for financial supportPray during these phone calls
Express enthusiasm, encouragement and faith
Expand your contacts
(Dillon, chapter 17) 
 Provide names of potential partners from your networks
Host a small group meeting where the missionary can share mission vision and invite support
Cultivate your partners
(Dillon, chapter 18)
Pray for your partners
Give thanks for your partners
Regularly communicate what God is doing
Newsletter manager: hold the missionary accountable for regular reporting and be sure each newsletter includes some expression of thanks
Resolicit funds
(Dillon, chapter 19)
 Contact current partners and ask them to continue or increase their support