Biblical foundations of raising financial support for ministry

What do the scriptures have to say about wealth and the financing of ministry?

Read I Chronicles 29:14 and 17 and Matthew 6:26.
  • What is the source of wealth?
  • What difference does this make for raising financial support?
  • In verses 14b and 17b, where do provisions come from and how do they flow?
Read Psalm 104:27-28.
            What is the part God would have you play in ‘gathering it up’?

Read Luke 8:1-3.
  • Who was included in Jesus’ missionary support team?
  • If Jesus accepted support from others, what does that say about our attitude toward receiving support from others?
Look at the following scripture passages:
  • Acts 18:1-5
  • 3 John 5-8
  • Phil. 4:10-19
  • Matthew 10:5-15
Answer these questions:
  • How was ministry financed?
  • How does God view the gifts given?
  • What does God promise concerning our needs?