Keep mission vision alive in your MST

Pray together
  • Pray for the missionary each time you meet.
  • Pray for the people group the missionary is serving. Ask God to send more workers into this harvest field. Ask that the gospel will bear fruit.

Learn together
  • Ask the missionary to suggest a book about the people group, country, and culture where they are serving.
  • Subscribe to an online news service that gives updates from the region where the missionary is working.
  • Consider taking the U.S. Center for World Mission's “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” course. Visit to find a class near you.
  • EMM teaches mini-Perspective courses in local congregations as well. Check with EMM's Advancement Department about upcoming courses via email to 
  • Attend an ethnic church service in your area to better understand the challenge faced by a missionary worshiping in a different language.

Have fun together
  • Invite a national of the area where the missionary serves or another missionary from that area to share with your MST.
  • Learn a phrase in the language the missionary is studying. (How do you say "God bless you" in Swahili?)
  • Go out to a restaurant that serves food from the missionary's place of service.
  • Have a fellowship meal sharing food that is common to what the missionary will eat. Find recipes and divide them up. Try something new!

Serve together
  • Participate in EMM’s Global Fair held each year in July. Invite others to join your MST for a day of food, fun, and learning about other cultures. You can even arrange to do a display from the missionary's country. Contact EMM’s Advancement Department to reserve a stand.
  • Sponsor a mission celebration in your own congregation.
  • Organize a short-term work or prayer team to go and serve alongside the missionary.
  • Reach out and serve people in your area who are from the nation where the missionary lives.