Accountability questions

Wonder question

How have you maintained an attitude of being amazed and in awe of God? What practices or steps assist you in maintaining that attitude? Or have you minimized Him, placed Him in a box, failing to contemplate His greatness?

    Key issue: awe, wonderment, heart satisfaction, and WORSHIP versus ordinary, usual and IDOLATRY

Relationship with God question

How have you maintained a personal (quiet) time with God? What things help you avoid pitfalls and distractions, and help keep your relationship with God on track? Or have you allowed yourself to become too busy for God? Have you exchanged a vibrant, tender relationship filled with rich communication for a superficial acquaintance with God? Have you spent adequate time in prayer, Bible study, reading, reflection? What is God teaching you?

    Key issue: intentional relationship time with God versus time without God

Listening question

How have you maintained a soft heart, sensitive to the things of God? Are you growing in shortening your “response time” to God? How do you hear God and how does the process occur when you resolve to obey Him? Or have you chosen to remain on the easy path, refused to be challenged to move out of your comfort zone?

    Key issue: taking ministry risks for Jesus versus being comfortable

Obedience questions

How have you maintained integrity with the way you live out your faith? What are new areas of obedience that God is calling you to? What will help you to live it out? Or have you compromised what you know to be true with your heart or actions? 

How have you kept yourself pure in the things that you have watched, listened to, read, heard or touched? Have you committed any sexual sin? Did you look at someone lustfully? Have you been alone in a compromising situation? Have you been flirtatious? Have you struggled with pornography or “romance novels?” Have you exposed yourself to any sexually oriented material? Did you put yourself in a situation with a member of the opposite sex that could appear to be compromising, even though it may not have been? What victories are you celebrating in this area? What challenges do you see in the time between now and our next conversation?

    Key issue: obedience/integrity versus compromise

Relationship with others questions

How have you been purposeful in living a life of love and service toward others? What situations have you experienced that you want to respond to differently next time? How are you preparing yourself for that different response? Or have you been me-centered in your relationships?

How have you been appropriately guarding your heart in these relationships? What steps, if any, do you need to take to more closely guard your heart? 

Share how your conversations this week have been spiritually encouraging to others.

How have you taken time off to be with your family this week (friends, for singles)? How have you given priority time to your family (friends, for singles)? What plans are you making to spend time with your family (social life and friendships for singles) in the coming week?
  • How is it going with your spouse? (attitudes, time, irritations, disappointments, progress, his/her relationship with Christ?) What have you done to show your wife she is cherished?
  • How is it going with the kids? (quantity and quality of time, values and beliefs, education, spiritual welfare and warfare) What have you done to show your kids they are special and unconditionally loved?
    Key issue: serving and loving others versus serving self

Work life questions

How are things going on the job? (career progress, relationships, temptations, work load, stress, problems, working too much) Have you done your 100% best at work? Are there specific steps that you can take to do better in these areas?

How have you taken care of your body through daily physical exercise and proper eating/sleeping habits? What changes in habits would be helpful?

Evangelism question

How have you prayed for and taken opportunities to share your faith this week? What opportunities for sharing your faith (in word and/or deed) are emerging? Or have you been controlled by fear instead of being challenged by the truth of the gospel?

    Key issue: eternal perspective versus earthly self serving perspective

Dependence question

How have you walked in complete dependence on God? How will you be more dependent on God in the coming weeks?  Or have you tried to live for Him in your own strength?

    Key issue: my strength versus God’s power