Soul healing prayer

Soul healing prayer for trauma invites Jesus to enter the experience in faith imagination prayer. Faith imagination is a way of inviting Jesus’ healing love to transform pain. This way of praying asks God to use your capacity for imaginative attention so you can perceive how God’s grace is healing you.

Most people find it much easier to face painful or terrifying memories when they know they don’t have to face them alone. Having Jesus present with them in the memory can make all the difference. Persons may see images or hear words or just have a feeling of God’s presence. Maybe they will receive a new idea about the past that puts everything in a new perspective.

Simple steps that can be followed are:
  1. Listen to the story of what has caused the pain.
  2. Invite the person to allow the painful memory to come back in their minds.
  3. Invite the person to speak in first person to God inviting Him into the memory and then wait in silent prayer.
  4. Help the person discern what God is doing within them.
  5. If resistance arises, don’t try to talk the person out of resistance. Have them express their resistance to God.
  6. Suggest that the person ask God to expose what lies they have believed out of this memory. Jesus said that truth sets us free, so have person take the lies to Jesus and ask Him for truth. John says that when we belong to the truth, our hearts are at rest in His presence. I John 3:19
  7. Pray for the person, laying on hands, giving thanks for what has already happened and pray for further healing and binding of Satan’s lies from controlling the person.

The lies that go with painful memories often are belief statements that you know are not true. You realize that you are not shameful, guilty, unsafe, or in any present danger. But emotionally it feels like the lie is truth. These lies are planted within during the time of trauma. They need to be expelled and replaced with God’s truth and grace.

Soul healing prayer does not take the memories away, but brings healing of the painful emotion that goes with the memories. It releases our inner spirit from being controlled by the emotions from those painful memories.

– Sherill Hostetter, co-director of Human Resources, EMM, Salunga, Pa. from 2000-2015.