Restoring the soul in service and mission

The consciousness examen


Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see your life as God does. 


Look back over the last day or week. Let the events unfold and pass before you.
What emerges? What persons or events stand out for you?
For what are you thankful?
For what are you least thankful?

What attitudes do you notice within yourself?
  • anxiety, anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hostility, grief?
  • faith (your response to God)
  • hope (your response in the face of difficulties)
  • love (your response to yourself and to others)
Where are your attitudes taking you?
  • toward God, yourself, and others?
  • away from God, yourself, and others?
Be in the presence of Jesus now. Bring your own needs, your confession, your petitions, and intercession for others.
Know that you are heard and loved, forgiven and restored.
Simply rest in the presence of God.