Discerning your spiritual needs and practices

Review your present spiritual needs and your current spiritual practices

Let your present experience help guide your future practice of spiritual disciplines by having a time of reflection about your needs and experience. Suggestions for reflection include the following:
  • Take time to think and pray about your life and your spiritual needs or desires at this time. What is going well? Note areas of spiritual weakness, struggle or failure. What are your spiritual hungers? Make a list of your spiritual needs/desires/hungers.
  • Make a parallel list of your current spiritual practices. Place this alongside your list of spiritual needs. Ask how your practices are nurturing your needs. Note what needs are not being addressed.

Pray for awareness to discern the spiritual practices you are being called to at this time
  • In prayer name your spiritual needs/desires and hold them before God for several minutes (holding prayer). Then wait in silence and “listen” for any response from God. What is God “saying” to you about your spiritual journey?
  • Write a simple prayer asking God to give you a desire for the practices that will best serve you and your relationship with God at this time. Carry this prayer with you through out the day and repeat the prayer whenever you think of it.

Establish a time and place for regular encounter with God

A key factor in the practice of spiritual disciplines is to have an established time and place for your encounter with God. This is true for both individual and corporate experience.
  • Choose a specific time that you can keep regularly without distraction. This should include a specific time of day and the amount of time you plan to devote to your practice. Time is a critical element in our life of devotion to God both as individuals and as a community. Few today in our society “have” time for this. They need to “take” time. This means planning for a specific time on a regular basis. Erratic patterns erode the practice and significance of spiritual disciplines. It is essential to be very intentional concerning time.
  • Choose a place that is conducive to prayer, meditation and reflection. If possible designate a place away from your work and create an environment that will invite you to “a time apart” for prayer and meditation. Place is equally important in our practice of disciplines. Different persons and personalities have different needs with regard to place. It will be important for you to find the place most conducive to your meeting with Jesus on a regular basis.