Sample ministry agreement

EMM Ministry Agreement

EMM appoints [worker] for an assignment. EMM, the [worker] MST, and [worker] hereby agree to the following:
  1. Assignment Category – ____________________
  2. Length of Term – Approximately ____________________ including home leave
  3. Assignment Description – ____________________
  4. Service Location – ____________________
  5. Starting Date – ____________________

EMM is committed to:
  • carrying and shaping long-term vision for the work situation
  • equipping and supervising [worker] for cross-cultural work
  • assisting and guiding in field team formation and problem solving
  • providing opportunities for growth, development, and continuity in work
  • providing well-being care
  • providing leadership in crisis situations
  • administering financial support and benefits
  • coaching the MST
  • communicating worker’s stories to raise work vision
  • praying for all aspects of the work endeavor

Worker(s) is/are committed to:
  • prayerfully living out call in work
  • developing as life-long learners
  • functioning as part of a global team
  • being open and responsive to EMM oversight
  • staying open to God at work among the people being served
  • if possible, becoming a contributing member of a local fellowship
  • developing a team of leaders on site
  • partnering with the MST for prayer and financial support
  • maintaining honoring relationships with all congregational and individual work partners
  • taking responsibility for self-care
  • EMM’s Personal Covenant Statement as a guideline for conduct and lifestyle throughout the term of service

The MST is committed to:
  • partnering with EMM in sending and supporting [worker]
  • being the guardian of the community’s decision to send and to stand with [worker] through discernment, encouragement, and undergirding prayer for team members and work vision
  • communicating with supporters and with relevant EMM staff
  • working in partnership with [worker] to raise the needed funds and maintain sufficient balances
  • helping with home leave and reentry needs
  • praying for the worker, other team members, and the overall vision for the work
  • being a voice of counsel to EMM in areas where MST members see opportunities or have concerns
Financial support and benefits:
With the help of God, the [worker name] MST, in partnership with [worker] intends to raise $[amount] per year or $[amount] per month for the duration of [worker's] term of service and home leave. The start of [worker's] overseas service is contingent upon commitment of the above-mentioned funds.

Compensation and benefits will be allocated according to [worker's] appointment category and support structure as outlined in the Worker Information Manual and agreed upon by the MST, worker, and EMM. Support option for [worker] is Option [X].

If contributions are greater than noted above, the excess is carried forward from year to year and term to term. If contributions are less than noted above, a process will be implemented among all parties to work diligently to resolve the situation. If the process is unsuccessful, consideration will be given to bringing closure to the term of service unless satisfactory arrangements can be made.

When the actual cost of non-taxable support fluctuates from what is budgeted due to unforeseen circumstances such as the strength or weakness of the U.S. dollar, EMM absorbs the difference when the budget lines are not negotiated and fixed for the term.

For taxable lines in the field budget, the worker absorbs the difference of the value of the dollar against the value of the local currency and local inflation/deflation.

In the case of a 10% hyperinflation/hyperdeflation and/or a 10% increase/decrease in the value of the dollar for taxable support over a six-month period, EMM and the MST will renegotiate the worker's budget. The MST will be invited, but not required, to increase contributions.

In the event that a project is discontinued or a designated worker leaves EMM, any remaining funds will be used for similar purposes approved by the Board of Directors. As far as possible, EMM will respect and follow the expressed preference of the donor.

Succeeding terms are contingent upon reappointment by EMM. This agreement can be terminated by EMM or the worker, with or without cause, by giving three months written notice.

Affirmations sought from:

Candidate: ____________________

Candidate: ____________________

Regional representative: ____________________

Team leader: ____________________

MST leader: ____________________

MST coach: ____________________

HR director: ____________________

Personnel placement coach: ____________________

Date affirmed by all: ____________________