Help prepare for departure

Help plan the commissioning service.

The commissioning service is a congregational celebration. The MST can take an active part in this event. Someone from EMM can also be invited to be present and to participate in some way. A fellowship meal following the commissioning service can enhance the congregation’s access to the missionary to speak words of affirmation and blessing.

Help to collect and pack items as appropriate.

The need for this duty will vary from one person to another. You may offer to help with collecting and packing things, but respect the missionary's preferences if he or she wants to do the packing.

Help with sale or rental of the missionary’s house.

If missionaries need to sell or rent the house where they live, they would probably appreciate help with finding a real estate agent, placing ads, and suggesting buyers or renters. If property is being rented, offer to help with maintenance of the property during the absence of the missionary.

Help check baggage allowance with airlines.

The baggage allowance on airlines is often rather limited and requires creative packing as missionaries who expect to stay a number of years collect things they need to take with them. It often requires a narrowing down of the pile of items. Some airlines will allow an additional bag or two if a request is submitted in writing with the reason for the request.

When the air carrier is known, an MST member can contact the airlines to see what their requirements are and if there are any exceptions. For sensitive areas where persons cannot enter as “missionaries,” this would require creativity in making a request for an exception. Depending on how fully the plane is booked, extra bags will sometimes be accepted without a charge, but that cannot be known ahead of time. Otherwise the missionary can be prepared to pay for extra baggage costs. Sometimes there are persons already planning to visit at some point who could take items not needed in the first year.

Help arrange travel to the airport.

In most cases, this is a family responsibility, but the MST may want to assist.