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Team leader

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on 
toward love and good deeds.” – Hebrews 10:24

As the missionary support team leader, you will lead other MST members in loving and serving the missionary. MST members need to be encouraged that their efforts are not in vain and their service is truly a ministry to the missionary. They need to be reminded to continue walking in committed relationship with the missionary.

Team leaders
  • Plan and lead meetings of the MST
  • Serve as the contact person for the MST Coach
  • Organize the team to plan for raising financial support
  • Sign the missionary’s ministry agreement on behalf of the MST
  • Periodically check in with the other MST members to make sure they feel comfortable with their roles and are able to accomplish their goals

Take the lead

Missionaries tend to be “go-getters” by nature and may feel the need to take charge of the MST. They may try to avoid “burdening” you and the team, so make it clear that you are ready to lead the group. In this way, missionaries can receive the blessing of their MSTs helping with their workloads rather than increasing them. The missionary may organize the first gathering, but you convene following meetings.

Contact information for MST members

Make sure you gather the contact information for each person on the MST, including address, email, and phone number. This information will be valuable as you schedule meetings or distribute resources.

EMM will communicate with you

As team leader, you serve as a communication link between EMM and the other MST members. Some of the reasons we may contact you include:
  • to send resources
  • to invite your MST to a training event
  • to send a financial report
When you receive mailings from EMM, please pass on the information to the rest of the MST.

Calling on EMM

Please feel free to contact EMM at any time with questions or concerns on behalf of the MST. Contact the MST Coach and he or she will be able to direct you to the right information or resources.

We need your partnership

You and your MST may connect more closely with the missionary than EMM staff does. Part of your role as team leader is to be listening to the feedback of others on your team and communicating with EMM if concerns arise. For example, if you sense problems with the missionary’s children, marriage, outreach location, well-being, etc., we would value your insight. Contact the MST Coach; he or she will direct you to the appropriate staff member.

With your help, we can proactively care for the missionary before problems become crisis situations. Our commitment is to care for persons before situations become chronically stressful.