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Forming an MST

MSTs are made up of people from the missionary's congregation, family, and friends. These teams, along with EMM, form a vital part of the network supporting the missionary.

EMM recommends that both short and long-term missionaries form MSTs by inviting people to serve in the following roles:

Team leader
Prayer facilitator
Pastoral care provider
Finance coordinator
Church communicator

Missionaries serving more than one year often ask people to cover two additional roles:

Newsletter manager
Children's advocate

Note: Parents of missionaries often make valuable contributions as MST members, however, in the formation of your MST, EMM recommends that a parent not serve in the roles of team leader, prayer facilitator, or pastoral care provider.

For all family members on the MST, please be aware that in a time of crisis for the worker that you support, it could be very difficult for you to lead the MST, or depending on the crisis, to even be involved in decisions related to the crisis. This will be a time when you as family will also need support and care. For certain types of crises, it may become a conflict of interest for you to stay on the MST during the process of working through the crisis.