02.03.01: Mid-term personal development evaluation

Mid­-term personal development evaluation 

  1. Obedience

  • What practices have helped you grow near to God?

  • What has God been calling you into and how have you responded?

  • Has anything hindered your spiritual growth?

  1. Well-being

  • What are you doing to maintain your physical health?

  • How much of your time is spent connecting to people back home? Do you have healthy boundaries?

  • What belongs on your “to do” list or “stop doing” list?

  • If you are single, what new understanding have you gained about your identity as a single person?

  • If you are married, in what ways are you strengthening your marriage and honoring your spouse?

  1. Multiplication

  • What are your hopes and dreams for God to use you in lives of others?

  • How have you seen God transforming the lives of those around you?

  • What have you learned about Jesus’ command to make disciples?

  1. Cultural Adaptation

  • What have you done to gain professional, language, and cultural skills?

  • How are you developing strong cross-cultural friendships?

  • How are your relationships with missionaries and co-workers and nationals?

  1. Mission Vision

  • How has God used your work to fulfill God’s kingdom vision?

  • How has your vision for missions grown or changed since you began your assignment?

  1. Personal vision for future ministry?

  • What have you done to gain professional, language or cultural skills?

  • Do you foresee yourself pursuing a life on mission after your assignment?

  • How can EMM help you in your pursuit?