02.01.08: Visitors on outreach

All potential visitors must receive permission from the outreach coordinator for visiting an intern on outreach. For internships of four months or less, visits are not encouraged; for internships longer than four months, permission will be given on a case­-by­-case basis. 

  1. To obtain affirmation for a visitor on outreach
  • Intern or potential visitor contacts outreach coordinator.
  • Outreach coordinator may consult with discipleship coach if desired.
  • After the outreach coordinator approves the visit, the intern corresponds with the outreach coordinator to determine the most appropriate time for the visit.
    2. Intern agrees to the following:
  • Boyfriends and girlfriends are encouraged not to visit during outreach. Visits by a fiancé of an intern are considered depending on the outreach location.
  • To not travel alone with a visitor of the opposite sex for more than a daytime outing
  • To ask the visitor to be considerate of the intern’s scheduled activities
  • To encourage the visitor to participate in service assignments when determined appropriate by the intern and the outreach coordinator
Effective: 1986. Revised: 06/2016.