02.01.07: Vacation

The primary purpose of outreach is serving the hosting church or service organization. However, interns are also given the opportunity to take a break and visit some sites of interest in the country/region where they are serving; this may also serve as cultural context or exposure. 

  1. Travel and accommodations for vacations are chosen with an awareness of the limitations of the intern’s budget, a commitment to a simple lifestyle, and the following:
    *  Spending what is appropriate within the culture
    *  Finding ways to truly get away and rest from service
    *  Asking the outreach coordinator for recommendations

  2. Interns have one day per month for vacation. The outreach coordinator must approve when interns take vacation. 

  3. The local church or service organization may request the participant take less than the suggested vacation time, especially when the participant’s outreach includes travel to various points of interest.
Effective: 1986. Revised: 06/2016.