02.01.06: Internet accountability

EMM provides accountability software for our workers' personal computers and internet-connecting devices wherever they are in the world. This software is called Covenant Eyes. While it does not filter out certain sites or keep a user from going to an objectionable site, it monitors the user's internet usage and sends a report to the user's accountability partner(s). To use this software, each worker must find a person or two who is willing to be an accountability partner. The accountability partners receive regular reports on the worker's use of the internet. 

EMM recommends (but does not require) its workers to have Covenant Eyes (covenanteyes.com) on their personal computers and internet-connecting devices. Human Resources can assist you in using the EMM Covenant Eyes account so that EMM covers the cost. If you run into technological problems with this software, contact Human Resources for alternatives.

Computer and internet use
Technology has made it possible for people almost anywhere in the world to have instant and constant contact with people in other parts of the world. This has proven to be a great benefit to EMM workers. Workers can relay news and prayer requests, and they can obtain information quickly and easily. This aids in maintaining relationships with those “at home.” 

However, it can also lead to workers relying on those at home for support, rather than bonding and building relationships with members of the community in which they serve. This can have a detrimental impact on their ability to accomplish their work. 

EMM encourages all workers to monitor themselves closely, both the amount of time they spend on the internet/e­mail, and how much they turn to family/friends at home for support rather than turning to those among whom they serve. 

EMM does not provide personal computers for its workers. However, Computer Services staff are available for counsel and recommendations related to computer needs.

Effective: 2016. Revised: 06/2016.