01.03: Intern support plan

EMM is committed to the relational sending of workers. Relational sending requires the cooperation, expertise, and labor of both EMM and the worker's missionary support team (MST) to prepare, send, and maintain the worker on assignment. The MST and EMM discern together with workers that they are indeed called to a particular assignment. 

The MST commits to EMM to provide spiritual and emotional support for the worker. In addition, the MST commits to raising the funds for the worker’s personal budget. The worker is never to be or feel responsible for “raising their own support.” The budget includes funds for preparing, sending, resourcing, and maintaining the worker while on assignment. 

EMM commits to prepare the worker for the assignment, to develop a job description and networks for the worker to carry out the assignment, to provide onsite resourcing (including language study and in­service training), to provide guidelines and parameters for the worker on assignment, and to ensure accountability and well­being care while on assignment. This care includes the worker's physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing in terms of assignment/work role and the worker's personal life.